Questions & Answers

Q-1:Would you like to do an introduction please?

A:Yes of course. We are Daystar. We are the developing manufacturer with Gateio.We are also collectors as much as we are producers.We have been producing since November 2021. Llama project, Crypto Bulls, Crypto Dogs, Cat Calvin and Bored Ape Gang Club our project live to the Gateio Nft Market. As a result of our efforts, we wanted to take ourselves further and provide better service to the Gateio family.We wanted to start with the mystery box, which is the first step of the Daystar Project consisting of 3 stages.

Q-2: Why should investors do business with you?

1- Nft Mystery Box
A: At this stage, Nft boxes of different rarities will be released for 2 seasons.
The boxes will contain Crypto Bulls and Bored Ape Gang Club very special nfts.
We will give a very rare surprise nft gift to those who make $100 purchases. (Of course it will be short term)
2- Token
Users will earn the token that we will create with a percentage rate, no matter how much they hold the nfts they receive. In short, we can say that they can earn passive income.The rarity of the nft you keep will be very important.
3- Suprise Gifts
After the 2nd stage, when the NFT market volume exceeds 100,000.00 dollars, we will organize a lottery. We will send various gifts to lucky people. ( We think it would be better not to tell the gifts right now 🙂

Q-3: When you say it will be short, how short will it be?

A:Within the first 24 hours of the sale 🙂

Q-4:Is the community important to you? Do you have any community groups?

A: Of course. We have already created a telegram,instagram and twitter channel for this.

Q-5:What’s the most ambitious goal of your project?

A:Our priority is to attract customers from different markets to the gateio market place. No one should doubt that our project is of high quality and reliable. Finally ; Quality is never a coincidence.